The Whisky Walk...


Book A Whisky Walk!

They say walking is good for you so why not try one of our Whisky Walks?

Enjoy a fully guided amble through our working distillery and be shown the ingredients and processes that deliver one of the finest boutique single malt whisky's in the world.  You'll get to touch and feel the ingredients, smell the latest batch distilling and view the pristine environment in which we make our whiskies, vodka and whisky cream.  You'll also gain an historical insight into the man who inspired our burgeoning brand - Henry Hellyer.

A very special part of the Whisky Walk enables visitors the opportunity to pour and wax seal their very own bottle of Hellyers Road, complete with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 

Your walk will be completed with a visit to the area that houses the American oak barrels, such an essential component of the unique end product. 

Allow 30-40 minutes for your fully-guided tour.

Children may accompany adults.  Sixteen (16) years and under are free of charge.